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Bleu Initial - Room Fragrance

Bleu Initial - Room Fragrance

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Bleu initial is the translation into a room fragrance of the olfactive signature of Nescens skincare range.
A floral scent with fresh citrusy and jasmine notes, rounded out with the warm softness of narcotic, woody and vanilla notes.


Subtly and pleasantly scents spa linen, treatment cabin and common spaces. Creates a warm, restful atmosphere.

Immerses the client in the soothing olfactive universe of Nescens for a perfect wellbeing experience.


To delicately scent your spa and offer a unique relaxing moment bathed in bleu initial fragrance, spray in the room, on the linen or onto soft furnishings.

Do not apply on skin, not tested under dermatological control.


15% fragrance

Spray bottle 100ml

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