The range offers a highly innovative approach to anti-aging, based on an understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in the maintenance and repair of the skin structures.

Nescens cosmeceutical products blur the line between cosmetics and pharmaceutics. They contain biologically-active components, selected on the basis of scientific data resulting from biomedical research.


Pioneer in the biology of aging and anti-aging medicine, he founded the Center for the Prevention of Aging over 20 years ago.

It represents the birthplace of the Nescens Clinique de Genolier and of the Nescens brand.

He aims to make the latest scientific advances related to the prevention and treatment of pathophysiological manifestations associated with aging available to patients.

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Nescens is a member of Swisscos, an association for the protection of the origin of Swiss cosmetics.

This certification, symbol of quality and expertise, certifies that 100% of the research and development, as well as the manufacturing and packaging of the products are of Swiss origin.

They are also subject to controls by independent laboratories and comply with the strict guidelines of the pharmacopeia.



Preventive health and anti-aging destination

Nescens Clinique de Genolier combines different medical and scientific activities dedicated to the detection, prevention, and treatment of pathologies linked to aging.

Located near Geneva, this clinic offers medical check-up and specialized consultations, as well as medical and wellness programs.

The wellness clinic benefits from state-of-the-art medical technology and renowned specialists.

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Personalized better-aging coaching under medical supervision

In an extension of its preventive medicine and anti-aging activities, Nescens has developed an innovative health spa concept, offering different spa programs under medical supervision in an environment that is dedicated to well-being.

In accordance with your goals (slimming, stress, detox, etc.), the duration of your stay and your initial better-aging assessment, you will be offered a personalized program combining nutrition, health, physical activity and spa treatments.

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