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High-Power Defence Booster - Face

High-Power Defence Booster - Face

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Ultra-concentrated formula with niacinamide and dexpanthenol.
These ‘super vitamins’ have a powerful anti-oxidant effect and create a strong barrier against harmful effects from
blue light, UV rays and urban pollution, all while fighting against the premature appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and
dark spots.


Skin is protected against harmful effects fromblue light, UV rays and urban pollution.


Apply the booster in the morning and/or evening, as part of a skincare routine or as and when required. You can use
it by itself or together with other Nescens serums, creams and masks.
All types of skin: exposed, dry, sensitive, damaged, etc.


«Superfood» for skin
- Significantly reduces the presence of ROS and the level of oxidized proteins in response to blue light radiation.
- Combats UV damage by protecting and repairing tissues stressed by ultra-violet radiation.
- Increases resistance to oxidative stress in epidermal cells exposed to particulate pollution and limits the formationof dark spots.
- Activates enzymes involved in DNA repair (poly-ADP-ribose-polymerase) and limits the consequences of oxidative damage.
- Increases mitochondrial production of ATP, which is key to powering cells, and restricts the formation of free radicals (partly due to conversion to nicotinamide adenine nucleotide [NAD+]). Re-energizes your skin to help guard against environmental factors.
- Increases fibroblast expression of skin genes involved in the synthesis of mec components, significantly inhibits the process of glycation (hardening of collagen fibres leading to wrinkle formation), and increases proteasome activity (elimination of damaged molecules). Helps keep your skin firm and smooth and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines.
- Activates sirtuins involved in the process of molecular maintenance and repair.
- Reinforces the barrier function by increasing the ratio of ceramides and free fatty acids, lipids present in the epidermis.
- Boosts hydration, limits insensible water loss, relieves dryness, desquamation and inflammation.
Special grade of niacinamide:
Offers all the advantages of vitamin B3, while minimizing the potential undesirable effects identified, such as warming sensations in the skin caused by residual nicotinic acid. Guaranteed to contain less than 100 ppm of residual nicotinic acid, which means it is exceptionally well tolerated.
- Has an anti-inflammatory effect on erythema caused by UV, helping the skin to preserve its elasticity, evenness and radiance.
- Promotes the expression of genes involved in tissue repair.
- Facilitates the proliferation of fibroblasts and boosts collagen and elastine production.
- Participates in the reorganization of intercellular lipids.
- Boosts hydration, limits insensible water loss, relieves dryness, desquamation and inflammation


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