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Multi-Masking Box

Multi-Masking Box

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The multi-masking technique meets the specific needs of each skin area through targeted application. The multi-masking box consists of three exclusive cosmeceutical treatments resulting from Nescens bio-medical research, for a global anti-aging effect:
- Renewing gel mask, eye contour area - 30 ml
- Lifting and volumizing balm, lips and contours - 8 ml
- Bio-identical restoring mask, face - 15 ml


Targeted anti-aging treatment of the 3 face areas.

The renovating gel mask corrects the 3 specific signs of aging of the eye contour area: dark circles - bags - wrinkles.

The lifting and volumizing balm blurs vertical wrinkles and marionette lines of the lips and contours, for a younger and soothed appearance.

The bio-identical restoring mask restores, replenishes and hydrates, for firmer and more resistant skin.


Apply the treatments in a thin layer to the 3 application areas mentioned (face, eye contours, lips and contour), leave for 15 minutes, then rinse gently with warm water.



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